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Pastor Emeritus Gail Gutterud

At our annual congregational meeting in January, the congregation bestowed the title of Pastor Emeritus on our retired Associate Pastor Gail. What exactly does this mean? It is an honorary title given to a beloved pastor upon retirement who has faithfully served the congregation and plans to remain a member in that same congregation.

It should be clearly understood that the Emeritus Pastor is retired from active parish ministry, and should not be expected to do any of the ministry that pastor had been doing, nor should the Emeritus Pastor be called on by members for any pastoral acts such as counseling, visitations, baptisms, marriages, and funerals. The Emeritus Pastor may on occasion in the future perform pastoral acts on behalf of particular members, but only at the invitation of the current pastor out of respect for the office and the ministry of the congregation.

We are blessed to have Pastor Gail continue to be a member of Peace Lutheran, just as we were blessed through her ministry among us over the past three years! – Pastor Wandrey