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Christian Education

Sunday Morning Adult Study – 8:30 AM

Is the United States of America a Christian nation? Beginning April 8, we will be learning about and discussing this issue for three Sundays following Easter. Come learn what our founders voiced about Christianity, the Bible, and our country. We used to call America “God’s Country.” Did we do this just because it’s so beautiful or are there deeper, more fundamental reasons for doing so? Come join us and learn more about our history, our country, and our place here as Christians!

(There will be no Christian Ed on Easter – we will resume class on April 8!)


Serendipity Bible Study: Wednesday – 10 AM

We will be finishing the book of Hebrews in the near future, then move into the book of John using a “word for word from scripture” DVD along with discussion time. Watch your Sunday bulletin for the date the new series on John to begin! All are invited to meet early on Wednesday morning at 9:45 am for sharing and prayer time, then at 10 am for Bible Study. – Pastor Gail


NEW: Thursday Bible Study – 11 AM

Looking for a short, 4-session Bible study? If so, come join us on Thu starting April 12, as we explore and gain insight into the Scriptures. Learn what God is saying about Himself, about you, and about His Good News of salvation in Jesus Christ as we study The Miracles of Jesus. If interested please sign up on signup sheet or contact Jim Wardlow (253-219-4461) e-mail so materials can be ordered.


Please look for the latest quarterly devotionals on the table in the fellowship hall.

Let’s use them rather than recycle them!