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NEW Bible Study Opportunity: Looking for a short, four-session adult bible study? If so, please join us on Thu beginning Mar 1, at 11 am, as we explore and gain insight into the scriptures. Learn what God is saying about Himself, about you, and about His Good News of salvation in Jesus Christ as we study four Parables of Jesus. Please use the yellow signup sheet, contact Jim Wardlow at 253-219-4461, or email so materials can be ordered. 

Sunday Morning Adult Study – 8:30 AM

The Sunday Morning Adult Class meets at 8:30-9:30. We are learning about the Bible, the authority and truth of Scripture, and how God handed down through the centuries His book that we have today. Archeology supports Scripture and has never uncovered anything in the holy land that contradicts Scripture or proves it wrong. Through the Bible, God has made himself known to us, and revealed everything we need to know for life and salvation. Come join us and learn more about the awesome God we have! 

Serendipity Bible Study: Wednesday – 10 AM

All are invited to meet on Wednesday morning at 9:45 am early for sharing and prayer time, then at 10 am for Bible Study. We have been studying the book of Hebrews and every week brings new revelations. Come and join us for coffee, goodies and great conversation as we dig deep into God’s Word!! – Pastor Gail

Please look for the latest quarterly devotionals on the table in the fellowship hall.

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