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New Council

Our newly elected Church Council is already hard at work! Please keep the Council in your prayers this year. If you missed their installation Feb 4, here is where each member has volunteered to concentrate their effort:

Executive Officers:

President, Paul Seher; Vice President, Kevin Schneidmiller; Secretary, Brett Kirking; Treasurer, Les Palocsay.

Ministry Team Liaisons:

Worship & Music, Gail Schoonmaker; Youth & Education, Brett Kirking; Stewardship, Les Palocsay; Mission & Vision, Margaret Nagel; Property & Maintenance, Jon Davis & Kevin Schneidmiller; Fellowship & Hospitality, Connie Arthur.

Ruth Clark was elected by the Council to fill the vacant position, and will serve on the Worship & Music Team.

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Stewardship Team News – Meet Les Palocsay!

The Stewardship team is in need of a few good people to reinvigorate and enhance our stewardship. Stewardship is very important in the life of a church. With good stewardship comes personal satisfaction and the ability of the church to meet its obligations both to the members and to the community at large. Peace Lutheran Church has always been generous and we would like to enhance that generosity so that we can provide more opportunities to our members, especially toward the children and our youth.

Please be mindful and consider joining the Stewardship Team – you have a chance to make a big difference in our church and its family! If you are interested please contact me at

Les Palocsay, Treasurer

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$ Thrivent Choice Dollars $

Thrivent members – have you checked your Choice Dollars lately? Did you know you still have time to designate your 2017 Dollars until March 31, 2018? Peace can benefit! Visit the Thrivent Financial website soon – don’t lose your Dollars! Thrivent members can go here: and thank you! Call Pastor Wandrey, 208-765-0727, if you need help.

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2018 Rummage Sale

We are curious if there is any interest in holding a Rummage Sale this year, preferably in April, to support our upcoming Uganda Medical Mission. A few good souls would have to step forward to lead this undertaking. The time to plan is NOW, so if you would like to get a team of volunteers together to lead and joyfully work this event please let the church office know. We encourage you to talk to people to engage any interest!

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Uganda Medical Mission

The dates have been announced by our medical team and we couldn’t be more excited! The team of 15 people will be going May 15-30. Ten gear bags have already been packed and air tickets purchased. Our Uganda Fund is growing monthly.

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More Good News!

Valda Pfundheller has agreed to coordinate another Pictorial Directory so that our experience with Lifetouch Photography is once again excellent. Valda would appreciate any help with design – in other words, a helper! Volunteers will be needed for sign in. Do you have any great pictures since the last directory was published in 2014? Let Valda know! Member portraits are scheduled for May 3-5. Please save the dates!