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Dear Peace Family,

A little more information about my retirement! I retired for the first time 10 years ago! It is up to God as to how long it will last this time.

When God called me to go to seminary in July of 2012, it was so huge in my life that I couldn’t even tell anyone for several months. At my age, I knew that I needed to put all I had into the studies. I completed classes in June of 2014, and officially graduated that fall at the LCMC Annual Convention in Des Moines. But in the meantime, you called me to be your Associate Pastor and I accepted the Call.

I have been mentored by a pastor who loves the Lord, has over 42 years of pastoral experience, and a wealth of theological understanding. This is a man who has taught me so much about parish ministry, given me grace when I stumble and praise when I needed it! Pastor Wandrey, you have blessed me abundantly. Thank you!

Lynn, Executive Secretary, I never expected to be fulfilling this type of ministry with you as a partner again. Your sense of humor, your love for the congregation and your eye for detail has been invaluable to me! Thank You my friend!

Ruth, Musician extraordinaire, the gifts that you shared by being spontaneous with me and the kids I will never forget. Stepping up with a “cowboy” worship service blessed my socks off!! Thank you for your tender heart and your love that you share with us all through your music and your dedication!

Lee and Gail…how many Sundays have I laughed aloud at the incredible images that you were able to find and project for youth messages and sermons! You two are amazing…and so are the other sound guys.

I am not going anywhere…at least not in the foreseeable future. I am going to continue to facilitate the Wednesday morning Bible Study, but at this time I am stepping back from everything else.

I will not be teaching Sunday School or working with the Youth, I will not be doing children’s sermons or preaching. I will not be doing the email prayers. I will not be serving on any teams such as the Caring Team, Youth or Education Teams.

As I sort out the direction that God is leading me, I foresee that down the road, He will have some activities here for me to be involved. However, at this time…here is what I will do: I will be glad to help anyone, who would like to be involved in those areas that I am leaving, get started. All you need is a willing spirit…God supplies the rest!

Receive the blessings from God…He is handing them out abundantly!!

Pastor Gail