Three Days of Prayer and Beyond!

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Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ is again emphasizing its annual Three Days of Prayer, January 2-4, to begin the new year.

On day one, we are to focus on Confession. We must humble ourselves and lay our self-pride and sins at the foot of Christ’s cross. We must truly repent and turn away from our sins and everything that gets in the way of our relationship with the Lord.  We must surrender our lives to Christ and enable his Holy Spirit to take over our hearts to give us the guidance and power we need to live as God’s people in this world.

On day two, we focus our attention on Petition. Pray for LCMC, our congregation, pastors, leaders, ministry teams, Bible study and Sunday School teachers, and small groups within the church.  Pray for our extended ministries, Lutherhaven, The Village at Orchard Ridge, LAM Christian Academy, Family Promise, Food Banks, Uganda Medical Mission, Ecumenical Food Kitchen, Open Arms PCC, Children’s Christmas Shoebox Ministry, and all the other benevolences we support.

On day three, our focus is Vision. What is your vision for Peace Lutheran in the year ahead, and the next years after that? Think outside the box.  Think ministry and mission rather than maintenance. Pray the Holy Spirit will awaken hearts and minds to God’s vision for our church. Pray for renewal, revival, and encouragement, that God’s plan for us would be revealed and fulfilled.

Prayer is where ministry begins, but is also accomplished by inviting the power of God’s Holy Spirit to work in us and through us. What better way to begin a new year, and each day of the year, by giving God our undivided attention!  The Three Days of Prayer is only the beginning. Find the time of the day that works best for you, morning, evening, or anytime in between. Get in the habit and give that same time every day to God in thanksgiving, confession, and intercession.

We have had the privilege and guidance of Pastor Gail’s prayers whenever special requests were made. Following her retirement, she will no longer be providing this ministry for us, so each one of us will be responsible for offering up our own words and prayers. Requests may still be made by calling the church office, and those requests will be sent out with the name and situation. Then it will be up to you to pray your prayer for the person and their circumstances. As Pastor Gail frequently did, you may use Scripture as your guide. God hears the prayers from our hearts no matter what words we might use. This exercise should strengthen each individual and our whole congregation! I encourage you to be an active participant in this process, then watch and see how miraculously God works in our lives and in his church!

Pastor Wandrey