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Christian Education

Sunday Morning Adult Study – 8:30 AM

The month of January, we will look at the truth and reliability of the Bible. We’ll begin with a documentary entitled “The God Who Speaks,” attesting that Scripture really is God’s Word. Then we will look at articles from a few different sources that show the timeline of the Bible’s development, the validity of the Bible based on archeology, and ancient secular literature that supports Scripture. If you’ve ever wondered, like Adam and Eve when Satan asked, “Did God really say that?” then you need to attend this class. The Bible is not a compilation of men’s opinions. It is not myth nor made up stories. It really is God’s Word, God’s gift to us so that we might know God, and everything God wants us to know for life and salvation. Please join us at 8:30 am each Sunday morning!

Serendipity Bible Study: Wednesday at 10 AM

All are invited to meet on Wednesday morning at 9:45 am early for sharing and prayer time, then at 10 am for Bible Study. We are moving into the book of Hebrews beginning January 3. Come and join us for coffee, goodies and great conversation as we dig deep into God’s Word!! – Pastor Gail 

Please look for the latest quarterly devotionals on the table in the fellowship hall.