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Last September our congregation started several small groups that met on a weekly basis for Bible study, prayer, and an opportunity to develop new and strengthen old relationships with other members of Peace Lutheran. The groups of six to ten people committed to an eight-week agenda during September and October. The groups each had a host who opened their home for a place to meet. Each group also had a leader and was provided guidelines, opening prayers, Scripture verses and questions for discussion. The groups were invited to carry out one service project and continue meeting if they desired to do so after the initial eight-weeks. Most of the groups experienced some bonding and felt the group was beneficial. A primary goal of these groups was to strengthen relationships among the members of the church, and most who participated expressed their opinions that we were successful in achieving that goal.

We are planning to reorganize and start new groups this fall. We learned a few things from last year that may help to improve the effectiveness of the groups this year. Last year people were assigned to groups in order to get a good mix. This year people are invited to form groups of their own. This will give everyone who wants to participate the opportunity to choose others to form new friendships and select some with whom they are already comfortable. We ask that for discussion purposes the groups be limited to no less than eight and no more than twelve.  Participants do not have to be members of Peace to be included.

So the way this will work, is an individual or couple will ask some others to be in their group. It may be wise to have a place, day and time in mind so that people know if they are available. When a group is formed, let the church office know so that group can be posted in our fellowship hall; this will avoid people being asked to join a group when they are already in a group. The groups will also select their own leader and make decisions about when and where to meet. Each group may decide for themselves the material they want to use as a basis for their discussions, as long as their choice in some way is Christian content. Groups may choose books of the Bible, particular topics, a book study, or any number of ideas. If the groups want some guidance from one of the pastors, you only need to ask. The format used last year worked well for getting groups started, and is available for those who want to use it.

So start inviting people with whom you want to share your faith and closer friendship, then let the groups begin! If you have any questions, please ask one of the pastors.

In Christian Love and Care,

Pastor Wandrey