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Uganda Here We Come…Just a Little Later!

The increase in our Uganda Fund is wonderful and a great support to the work ahead! We need to let you know of a development in the Uganda trip that will affect many things. In April, the airfare went up another $200 (now almost double of what we were used to paying). Upon doing some investigation, we have learned that travel to Africa in June, July, and August is much more expensive than any other time of year due to tourist seasons. We queried the entire team, and the majority agreed that it was not good stewardship to spend double on airfare to get the team to Uganda.

All this to say, the Uganda trip is not cancelled but rather postponed to some date after August when the airfares return to the average prices. We are considering possibly an early winter trip or sometime early in 2018, but have nothing definite at this time. We still believe God has called this team to reach the hurting in Uganda, we just picked the wrong dates that God wants us there. We believe the delay will provide opportunities to enhance the trip even more and are excited to watch this unfold!

On a side note I had received a call from a couple in Great Falls, MT, who were vacationing at Stoneridge. They were searching for a Lutheran church to worship at on Good Friday and Easter and found Peace Lutheran. On our website, they noticed the Uganda Mission, and it is something they have wanted to do for a long time. We are meeting with them to discuss details – our God is always two steps ahead of us!

If you are interested in joining the team, please contact Maren or Brian Snyders at (208) 818-7055. There are many other ways that you can be a part of this team, so be on the lookout for forthcoming information as we assemble our supply and clothing needs for this mission. Most importantly, please join us in prayer NOW as we prepare our hearts and minds for this trip that already looks to be much different from our previous missions. Thank you Peace Council and to many members that have already shown tremendous support!

Brian and Maren Snyders

(Our total Wed Lenten offerings were $1,369 designated for the 2017 Uganda Mission. Thank you!)