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 May 14-21: Family Promise Host Week!

May 14-21 is a week we at PLC give of ourselves and the blessings of this church building. For that, we praise the Lord, and look forward to serving our community of Homeless Families. Family Promise is one of PLC’s Mission Ministries and we are able because of our awesome building facility, as it is so great of how it provides for the families. Although, a building CANNOT serve without servants!

Please volunteer during this week for “Dinner Host” time 5-7 pm, “Evening Host” time 7-9 pm, or “Overnight Host” time 9 pm – 7 am. You may go to our MealTrain site at to choose your “volunteer opportunity” within the many choices! Another opportunity to serve is by giving a designated financial donation; please make your check to PLC with a Family Promise memo.

If you have any questions about FP ministry or how to volunteer, please call/text Jolene Pooley 208-818-6286 or email

Thank you in God’s Grace!

Jolene Pooley