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The Village at Orchard Ridge Meeting Report

The corporation meeting was held on April 27, 2017, at 5 PM. A wonderful buffet was provided prior to the meeting. Pastor Wandrey, and Peace delegates, Maggie Carlisle and Betty Nomanson attended.

There are 20 churches in the Kootenai County area that provide governance, leadership, financial support, volunteers and prayers for Orchard Ridge and they are called “member churches.” These member churches have voting privileges at the annual meeting. The business meeting went very smoothly with the various reports from the staff members and the executive board. Four new board members were nominated and elected.

A Pastors’ Summit will be held later this September. The pastors present were asked to prioritize issues they wish to be discussed at the summit. They were also asked if their church would like to host a “P.E.A.C.E. of Mind” workshop in the fall of 2017 or spring of 2018. As you recall, we held ours on March 18, and it was well attended!

Orchard Ridge has been in existence for 96 years and has always maintained a clear mission of providing charitable care for the elderly. It is a faith-based facility providing housing and care for nearly 300 residents in 2016.  23% of the residents are private pay, and 77% receive charitable care or are HUD subsidized. This year Orchard Ridge received $116,000 of charitable giving and of this amount, $19,168 came from member churches like Peace Lutheran. Orchard Ridge is attempting to increase the number of member churches by offering “P.E.A.C.E of Mind” workshops and also providing knowledge of senior resources available (Toolboxes) in the area.

The Orchard Ridge facility offers three tiers of care: The Garden for independent living, Grove One for assisted living care, and Grove Two for memory loss care.

Please pray for Orchard Ridge and their residents. In my opinion, it is one of the best institutions for the elderly in the area.

Respectfully submitted,

Betty Nomanson


LCMC NW District Gathering Report

The NW District LCMC Gathering at Whitefish, MT, was two days of spiritually uplifting music, worship, and speakers. The gathering began, for me, attending the Pastor’s bible study and fellowship led by Pr. Steve Lien, LCMC Coordinator for Pastoral Ministry. The theme of the gathering was based on Eph. 3:14-21, “Rooted and Grounded in Christ’s Love.” Pr. Lien used several passages from scripture to explain the breadth, length, depth, and height of God’s love, and how He makes His love known to us. He spoke about the relationship of our outer being verses our inner being, noting that it is God who is at the center of our being; and it is God who integrates our soul, mind, and body. Humans were not made for themselves, but for their neighbor. Self has no place in the Kingdom of God, where, since baptism, we now reside.

We had two excellent keynote speakers. They both continued their presentations during the breakout sessions. The Rev. Dr. Sean Kelly, chairperson, LCMC Board of Trustees, spoke on “Dual Threat Churches.” We are rooted in the love of Christ. It is not where we come from, but who we come from. We are a dual threat to the enemy.  That dual threat is love and power that we have in Christ. We need to be a threat to the world and the dominion of darkness. Jesus invaded the Kingdom of the Earth and now we bear the message of Jesus by the power of love, which is the Holy Spirit in us. It is the Holy Spirit that breathes life into us. Life with the Holy Spirit brings passion to our conversations with our neighbor. Tell people your story and listen to theirs, and a relationship will develop. People respond to loving relationships. They will see Jesus in us. That is being in mission for Christ.

The other keynote speaker was Pastor Dan Clites, LCMC Coordinator for Church Planting Development. His address was entitled, “Climate Change: How you can be an agent to change the world!” Pastor Clites talked about spiritual “climate change.” We are not to sit and wait, but to go. Christians are sent to make disciples.  Mission is to “go and get ‘em.” We are missionaries as defined by Christ. How do we “go and get ‘em?” We develop a relationship with someone. We share our life stories. That’s all it takes to begin developing a relationship. After all, people don’t want religion, but they do want a relationship. Our focus should not be to add numbers to our congregation. Our focus should be first on relationships. Develop a couple relationships and start a new church (Yes you can.  You have the authority from scripture to do so). Isn’t that what they did in the first century? Starting a small new church is a multiplicational missional mind set. It is what happened in the first century; it was the sacred within the secular. In the 21st century, it is the sacred verses the secular. It results in no growth in both church membership and in new congregations. This is what is called an additional missional mindset. Most churches are spiritual polluters. What must we do to change the spiritual climate? What kind of biblical climate is the Church to be? The first step is not to put boots on the ground. The first step is an air attack. We need to be carpet-bombing the world with prayer.

The main item of business was to elect four people to the NM District Council. The music at gatherings is usually terrific and this year was no exception. The praise and worship team from the host congregation led our worship sessions. Evening Vespers was a worship of song performed by Doug Rawling (Google Doug Rawling for a sample). Thank you all for giving me the privilege to represent you at this gathering.

In Christ’s Love and Power,

Steve Hagler


LCMC Northwest District Update

This year’s gathering at Whitefish, MT. reflected the hope, faith and love we all share in Christ Jesus our Lord. There were 108 persons attending including our Canadian Church members. The past few years the District has developed a youth agenda focused on helping them help us to grow in Christ and fellowship. It now appears to be in the final stages of implementation.

Your LCMC Northwest District represents a five state region: Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and parts of Canada. The Council Members are:


President/Chair: Patrick Woods, Peace Lutheran, Post Falls, ID

Vice President: Jeff Redlin, Peace Lutheran, Belgrade, MT

Treasurer: Kathy Nida, Christ Community, Lebanon, OR

Secretary: Mary Stubblefield, Christ Community, Lebanon, OR

Members at Large:

Shelly Hauge, Christ Lutheran, Odessa, WA

Denel Ingraham, Holy Trinity, Spokane Valley, WA

Suzanne Robinson, United Lutheran, Waterville, WA

Pastor Eric Hollstrom, Living Word Lutheran, Puyallup, WA

Dr. Lee Wicklund, Community of Faith, West Linn, OR

Pastor Paul Berthelot, Richland Lutheran, Richland, WA

Mot Hedges, Richland, Lutheran, Richland, WA

Barb Fagley, District Coordinator, Faith Lutheran, Pierce, ID

Other Workers:

Sheryl Westerhold, Newsletter Editor, Christ Community Lutheran, Lebanon, OR

Steve Hruza, Webmaster, Christ Lutheran, Whitefish, MT

Pat Woods, of Peace Lutheran in Post Falls, ID, has served as a member of the Council since 2012. Since 2013 he as served as the President/Chair. His second term is ending in 2018. Patrick has been again asked to lead the council as President/Chair that will end his terms serving in that capacity. Patrick says: “Living the life of faith in the local congregation brings a spiritual growth that only submission to Jesus Christ our Savior, trust in the Holy Spirit for guidance, and study in His word for knowledge and understanding can bring. My service with my brothers and sisters of faith on the Northwest District Council has shown me that growth and service in Jesus’ name continues on to every aspect of our lives beyond the church walls. I marvel at our Lord’s blessing and provision as I serve with them and you. Each year several positions on the district council need to be filled. Please consider serving on the LCMC Northwest District Council. Should you pray and decide this is the direction the Lord would have you go, you will be blessed beyond measure.”

What more can be said except, thank YOU LORD JESUS!

Submitted by Pat Woods, NW District Council President