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The Bookworm Is Back!

January! The start of a new year! A time to try new things, read new books, of which you can find many on the shelves in the library in the fellowship room. Take them home, read them bring them back and find another. Wonderful fiction, thought-provoking nonfiction, it is all there for you. Love animals? Their Mysterious Ways, compiled by Phyllis Hobe, has amazing stories about all sorts of animals and how they relate to us humans. Interested in the afterlife? Proof of Heaven, written by Eben Alexander, MD, is a neurosurgeon’s journey into that after life, and To Heaven and Back, by Mary C. Neal, MD, is her extraordinary account of her death, heaven, angels and life again. We all know that Martin Luther was the founder of the Lutheran Church, not by choice but by his crusade to eliminate religious abuses in the Roman Catholic Church. Here I Stand, by Roland H. Bainton, is his biography as is Luther the Reformer, by James M. Kittelson. The Lutheran Handbook tells you everything about Lutheranism that you wanted to know and were afraid to ask!! Ladies, January is an excellent time to experiment in the kitchen, and on our shelves you will find Mrs. Witty’s, Home-style Menu Cookbook, with everything you wanted to know about cooking and were afraid to ask!! Finally, the Good Book is a marvelous, funny and insightful overview of the Old Testament, book by book, written by David Plotz. The author attended a Christian high school where he studied the Old and New Testaments. As a child, he attended a Hebrew school and is a proud Jew, as he himself states in the introduction. This is a fascinating chapter-by-chapter tour through the Hebrew Bible.

Happy Reading!!!! The Bookworm