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Dorcas Quilting The lovely quilts you saw on the pews at the beginning of December, are provdiing warmth and comfort to many people. Of the quilts displayed, Bob Small, from the Area Agency on Aging, was given 30 quilts to distribute to seniors, 24 children’s quilts are being held by Maren Snyders to take to Uganda later this year, and six were distributed to the Holidays & Heroes Police Department event at the Greyhound Park in Dec. Be sure to read about total quilt distribution in your Annual Report!

A heartwarming story… Before the end of the year, the church office received a call from a grandmother concerning her 3 ½ year old grandson that had to be immediately removed from his home by the police and put into foster care. She related that the only thing that gave this little child comfort was the quilt he was given by the police. He wouldn’t go anywhere without it; always walking around with it, wearing it, only finding peace in that quilt. You guessed it. It had the Dorcas Quilting tag sewn on it with our church name. The grandmother was kind enough to look us up and make the call. We usually never get to know about the seeds we plant, but we are grateful for this affirmation of how important Dorcas ministry is – in this case, to a traumatized child. Amen! Lynn Affeldt C