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Anna Dailey’s Summer Report

A special quilting group has been meeting once per month during the summer (and working at home), to craft specialized wheelchair lap quilts and fidget pads. As of Easter this year, they’ve given away 57 wheelchair lap quilts, and 17 fidget pads. Here is a breakdown of our donations so far:

APRIL: The Village at Orchard Ridge, 16 wheelchair lap quilts, six fidget pads; to Eunice Gillam for Ivy Court, five wheelchair lap quilts

MAY: RSVP, 10 wheelchair lap quilts, two fidget pads; to Ardella Quaale, one wheelchair lap quilt for a friend at The Bridge; to Connie Vigel, two fidget pads for an assisted living resident in Hayward, CA

JUNE: Ardella Quaale, six wheelchair lap quilts for The Bridge (they wanted more after seeing the one made for Ardella’s friend in May!); RSVP, five wheelchair lap quilts, four fidget pads

JULY: RSVP, 14 wheelchair lap quilts, three fidget pads

In August, we plan on giving Bob Small at RSVP, another 17-22 wheelchair lap quilts. This would bring our total to 70 74-79 wheel chair lap quilts! I’m not sure if we will make additional fidget pads in August. We can truly say these items have created a life of their own! August 8 will end the project until next year!!


Anna Dailey & Crew


Family Promise Hosting in August!

Peace will host Family Promise guests August 28 – Sept 4. If you would like to help by bringing a meal, supplying breakfast or lunch items, hosting dinner/during the evening, or staying overnight, please call Valda Pfundheller at 818-3146 or Jolene Pooley at 687-8371!