Church Picnic – Aug 21!

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Mark your calendar for the picnic we’ll be hosting for our neighbors on Sunday, August 21, following worship at Noon. The Sunday before on August 14, we are going to distribute 500 door hanger invitations after worship. We hope 25 people who can drive and walk will take a section of the map and deliver 20 door hangers so it will take hardly anytime at all. How cool would it be to have 500 neighbors for a church picnic!

We will have signups for potluck dishes you may bring so we have a balanced meal to go with grilled hamburgers and hotdogs. Our cooks have never disappointed us in the past, so we expect an extraordinary lunch this time, too. Plates, eating utensils and drinks will also be provided. Just in case a lot of guests show up, we’re sure you will let our guests go through the line first! Be prepared to be extra friendly that Sunday, and get acquainted with someone new. We’ll also have some games lined up for those who want to participate in some recreational activity. We’re praying for delightful “Goldilocks” weather—not too hot, not too cold—so we can enjoy the afternoon outdoors. Bring your lawn chair and any outdoor games you would like to play. Thank you in advance for helping make this outreach project a big success!

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