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In a recent sermon, I made reference to Alcoholics Anonymous, sharing some similarities that organization has in common with the Church. Of course, there are some distinct differences as well. The point I wanted to make is that AA has a very successful track record primarily because the people involved acknowledge their particular problem with alcohol, and follow a Twelve Step Program to receive the help and support they need. People in the Church have a particular problem with sin. While we don’t have a twelve step program, God has given the Church the way for people to receive the help and support we need.

For AA’s success, it is crucial for the alcoholic to admit their helplessness over alcohol. Once that step is taken, it is necessary for the person to attend meetings, often times several meetings each week, with others who share their problem and their desire to overcome it. For the Church’s success, it is crucial for sinners to admit our helplessness over sin; we call this confession. Once that step is taken, we gather with others who need what the Church can provide; first, the forgiveness of sins through the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, and then attending meetings with others who desire to overcome their problem with sin.

One form of these meetings is worship services. Attendance and participation at worship every Sunday is as necessary for the sinner as AA meetings are for the alcoholic. AA meetings also offer the opportunity for personal sharing and interaction, which the Church sometimes does effectively through Bible study or other small groups. I think our congregation is at a point where we need to be more intentional about our small group opportunities in order to be more successful at being Christ’s Church.

With that background information, we plan to begin Sinner/Saint Sharing (SSS) groups that will meet each week for eight weeks in September and October. We confess we are Sinners; God has made us Saints; now we Share our common lot and goals. Between now and September, the pastors will train several people to lead these groups and provide guidelines and resources to enable people to develop relationships and trust in living out our Christian faith with one another. Groups of five to eight people will meet in the home of a host at an arranged day and time during the week that fits different schedules. Hopefully most of the congregation will participate so that Peace Lutheran Church will be strengthened for our mission to spread God’s Word and love, and serve those for whom Christ died.

Pray for these SSS groups as they are being formed. Watch and listen for further information. And please respond when approached to be included. Thank you in advance for belonging to Peace and for your interest and cooperation in building the Kingdom of God! – Pastor Kurt Wandrey

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Special Congregational Meeting – July 10

Church Council has called for the congregation to vote on two agenda items having to do with our church property. The first item is to make a decision on moving forward with a storage building. Please review the options and diagram available in the fellowship hall, visit with others, direct questions to Property & Maintenance Team or pastors, and be prepared to make an informed decision at the meeting.

The second item is to reassign particular designated funds, currently not needed for their original purposes, in order to remedy the weed problem in the landscaping around our parking lot. Please plan to attend the meeting following worship!