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Are you starting your plans for summer? Isn’t that what we do as May draws to a close? We make plans for Memorial Day Weekend, and then begin planning vacations for June, July or August. We think about family gatherings on July 4th and sweet summer days, long camping weekends, ice cream and days at the beach…or maybe just some times of doing nothing!

At least that is often where our thoughts go whenever we are anticipating something we have been waiting for. So what do we do when summer becomes scorching heat and fires…too hot to camp out, too miserable with dust and bugs, and you can’t eat outside because of the yellow jackets? Or maybe it’s been raining for days…weeks. “Mom, I’m bored!!” According to the scriptures, we are to give thanks and to find peace and comfort in all things. Even in spiders and hornets?

“Weeping may remain for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.” “You turned my wailing into dancing.” A couple of my favorite verses from Psalm 30. I love this Psalm. I invite you to get your bibles out and read it. Read it from different versions. Meditate on it. We don’t like tough times.  We don’t want to be depressed. We don’t want to hurt. And we do want someone to know that!! We remember the words… “take it to the Lord in prayer.” That’s exactly what David does in this Psalm. He exalts God, then he tells his own story of how God saved him. He shares with God what it felt like to call to Him, and what it felt like to be heard. It ends with “O Lord my God, I will give you thanks forever.” It makes me think of how much easier it would be if we would remember to give thanks and praise right from the beginning…thanks in the midst of tough times, depression, pain (heat, bugs, and thunderstorms). Because our God is always working on our behalf, He will bring something good out of everything difficult. He promises!

I already know that it’s going to be tougher to connect with my “kids”…our “Youth at Peace” this summer. Sunday School is out, many of them have trips planned or summer activities arranged. But, we do have a few things planned…a night in June for outdoor movie and s’mores at Ely’s home. We hope to have our wild and wooly outing at Lutherhaven the first part of July with boating, volleyball, swimming and eating…and best of all… just plain visiting, and then about 10 days of road trip and convention in Des Moines later that month. We have a Spokane Indians Ballgame in August, and then summer is done. These are the times when our youth realize that it is waaaaaay better to be hanging out with people face to face than just texting!

And in the midst of all these plans, we know that there will be disruptions, struggles and some pain. So before it all even begins…let’s pray!

“Dear Savior, we pray that You will sneak into every activity that we plan for this summer. You are really invited. Whatever goes smoothly, we give You the Glory for…whatever glitch shows up, we give You thanks for…whatever upset, struggle and pain we have to deal with…we know that You will use it for good for those who love you. Keep our eyes open to see the joy that You are planning for us to find (joy comes in the morning). And for all of us Youngsters at Peace…turn our wailing into dancing!”

In Jesus Name…Amen

Pastor Gail (I can hear the music now!! May I have this dance?)