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Rummage Sale this Year?

There have been some questions about this year’s church rummage sale. Since the Rummage Sale has now been placed under the oversight of the Fellowship Team, there was discussion at the last team meeting about whether we should have a rummage sale every year. The consensus of the team was that having the sale every other year would ensure having plenty of merchandise and helpers for a successful sale. That would mean no rummage sale this year.

However, there have been some inquiries about it, so we are open to finding out how much interest there would be, keeping in mind that someone would need to step up as general coordinator. Please convey your opinions and wishes to a member of the Fellowship Team as soon as possible. Team members are: Margaret Nagel, Connie Arthur, JoAnn Solberg, Joann Carlson, Kit Carey, and Charlotte Newman.

Thank you!

Margaret Nagel