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YES, we are having another craft and game time for our elementary children on June 10, from 6-7 p.m. .  Once again, out of love and care for those little ones who have severe food allergies, there will be NO food served…only fun and games for the hour.

Please let Pastor Gail know if your Little Yappers will be able to attend. They are encouraged to bring friends. We just want to make sure we have enough supplies for all.

We will have some of our YAP Kidds available to hang out with the Little Yappers.



Any of the YAP KIDDS who are willing and able, are invited to assist with our Little Yappers from 6-7 on June 10, at 6 p.m.  It is a time to show them Christ’s love from those that they admire so much!! Then those Youth who will be going to Shoshone Servanthood Adventures will meet from 7-8:30 in preparation for their upcoming week June 28-July 3. There are a couple fun activities that will happen. You will be able to have questions answered at this time! Let Pastor Gail know if you can help with our younger ones at 6 p.m. this night! Email me at or text me at 208-755-0324.



Age limit is for those who will be going into 7th grade this fall through High School. This is what you have been waiting for kids! An overnighter! You did what I asked and came up with a plan; therefore, you have been given permission to have this special event.

Bring your sleeping bags, pillows, beanbag chairs and special snacks that you want. Weather permitting, there will be hot dogs over a fire and s’mores. There will be outdoor games, midnight pizza and other snack times. We will have communion, games, movies, fun stations and surprises!

Breakfast will be served at 7:00 AM, the facility will be cleaned by the youth, and we will be out of here shortly after 8:00 AM. Thanks to Thrivent Financial for their Action Team card support for this event!

Invite your friends!  This is the night where your friends can get to know us as a church and as a youth group!

One stipulation is that all your friends must have permissions papers filled out by their parents.  I have them on hand, Pam Kirking has them and the office has them. They will not be able to come to the lock-in without these forms!! I can also email them to anyone who wants one to fill out! Yes, we have chaperones for all night…and one of them is not me! J

Sounds like a fun and crazy night…right?  God be with you!!

Pastor Gail



It is hard to believe that this major event that our Youth at Peace (YAP) do is almost upon us. Sunday, June 28, will be the day that we leave for Shoshone Base Camp where we will be stationed as we do our Servanthood events in the Silver Valley each day. We will return on Friday, July 3. This is what our fundraiser was all about…serving others and our youth do it well!! Keep them in your prayers!

We currently have seven youth signed up with another 2-3 possible. We have three chaperones going as well…yes, this event includes me!! Pray for me as well!! – Pastor Gail