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From death to Life! That’s what Holy Week through Easter is all about. God paid the price for our sin with Christ’s Passion and Crucifixion for our salvation. When God raised Jesus from death and gave his Son new life, He conquered death and won the victory over death and the grave. This new life has tremendous, eternal implications for us all! As Jesus was raised from death to life, so will we all share in his resurrection. Worship with us this Holy Week, March 29-April 5: Palm Sunday, 10:00 a.m., Processional/Palms; Maundy Thursday, 7:00 p.m., Individual Absolution/Laying on Hands, Holy Communion, and Stripping the Altar; Good Friday, 7:00 p.m., Tenebrae Service of Darkness and Candles; Easter Sunday, 8:00 & 10:00 a.m., Festival Resurrection Service, 9:30 a.m. Egg Hunt for Children.

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 No need to wait until the 4th of July. Freedom has been given through Christ’s resurrection, and will abound the month of May at Peace! Do you really know what it means to be “Free in Christ?” Do you think that you have “freewill?” Do you understand “we cannot free ourselves from bondage to sin?” These are just a few of the questions we will discuss using the Bible, the Lutheran Confessions, and excerpts from Luther’s “Treatise on Christian Liberty” and “Bondage of the Will.” Just to whet your appetite, here’s a brief quote from Luther: “I frankly confess that, for myself, even if it could be, I should not want ‘free-will’ to be given to me, nor anything to be left in my own hands to enable me to endeavor after salvation; not merely because in face of so many dangers, and adversities, and assaults of devils, I could not stand my ground and hold fast my ‘free-will’ (for one devil is stronger than all men, and on these terms no man could be saved); but because, even were there no dangers, adversities, or devils, I should still be forced to labour with no guarantee of success. If I lived and worked to all eternity, my conscience would never reach comfortable certainty as to how much it must do to satisfy God. Whatever work I had done, there would still be a nagging doubt as to whether it pleased God, or whether He required something more. The experience of all who seek righteousness by works proves that; and I learned it well enough myself over a period of many years, to my own great hurt.  But now that God has taken my salvation out of the control of my own will, and put it under the control of His, and promised to save me, not according to my working or running, but according to His own grace and mercy, I have the comfortable certainty that He is faithful and will not lie to me, and that He is also great and powerful, so that no devils or opposition can break Him or pluck me from Him.” Material will be presented followed by open discussion on the four Thursdays in May at 1:30 & 6:30 p.m. Hopefully you can participate at one time or the other. This is a great opportunity to get your nagging questions answered and strengthen your Biblical Lutheran roots. Join us and discover what real freedom is! Pastor Kurt Wandrey   Dear Peace Lutheran, On February 20, I left for Idaho Falls to allow Pastor Larry Cudmore to take a two week vacation and see his grandchildren in Colorado and Alaska (of course he wanted to see his children as well!). I had received the approval of our Council to offer this time to Pastor Cudmore and as usual, you as a congregation thought it was great. It was a wonderful time for me. The staff, Penny and Heide, was absolutely a blessing to me, and the gifts that they shared with their congregation were beyond belief. As I watched how Penny used her music talents, I was reminded of our choir director/pianist/worship music leader Ruth Leib, and how blessed we are. There is a special tenderness about musical people. I saw it in Idaho Falls and we see it here with our singers and musicians. And their Office Manager, Heide, who was always giggling about something and making me laugh, reminded me of our precious Lynn. What blessings they bring to us with their gifts of help and their sense of humor. There wasn’t a soul who didn’t offer to help me in whatever way they could. I was particularly impressed by a couple things: One was how they seemed to have exactly the right person in the right place with their ministries. I was constantly amazed at the passion that these people had for the tasks that they were doing. This included bible study leaders, chairpersons for mission meetings, worship leaders, quilters, youth leaders, preschool teachers, Stephen Ministry Leaders and caregivers, and on and on. I saw how in a smaller way we are becoming just as efficient with gifted leadership and able to use our talents in ways that not only bless others, but bless us as we share. And the second thing was… I loved the guys group and I would really like to see us get one started here. They sat around and drank coffee and ate cookies, solved the world’s problems, and they even let me join them! It was a unique adventure for me and I loved the people. I had problems with the microphone, as is usual for me, but they were as forgiving as you all are. I got to tell their children about the lambs. I did pre-school chapel for two classes. I had the privilege of blessing a beautiful greyhound named Ace. I toured an amazing ecumenical Humanities Center. I danced with a lady who was celebrating her 101 birthday. There’s more, but this gives you an idea. I thank you for making this type of assistance to other congregations a part of my call. I pray for God’s blessings on this congregation called Peace as we continue our mission to make Jesus a household name outside of these church walls!! Pastor Gail P.S. Does anyone have gently used couches to donate toward the youth room? Let me know!