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Dear Peace Lutheran Church Family,

At council a couple months ago, we acknowledged that there were four outreach ministries that we are serving quite well and one that we wanted to support in a more intentional way. The four that Peace currently supports are: Dorcas Quilting, Youth Servanthood, Family Promise, and the Ecumenical Kitchen. The fifth one, that we agree needs our prayers, financial support, and encouragement is the Snyders Medical Mission to Uganda. How do we do this? You will see in the letter of introduction below, what Dr. Brian and Maren Snyders have written for this outreach ministry to Africa, and how there are several ways to be a part.  1) God may be calling you to join them in this adventure.  2) Perhaps you have some connections for medical supplies that they could take with them.  3) Maybe you have a heart to keep them in your daily prayers and uplift their ministry. 4) You might have an idea and the desire to implement some fundraiser on this ministry’s behalf. The YAP (youth at Peace) are exploring ways that they can sponsor this Mission as well.

There are multitudes of ways to support this outreach.  We simply want to inform you of this awesome ministry that is happening through a family from Peace Lutheran Church, who have been called to go and serve.  You are being invited to be a part of this God Adventure…is God calling you?

Pastor Gail 

Medical Mission to Uganda

We are beginning the plans for our next medical mission trip to Uganda and hope you will consider joining us for an experience that will change your life. Listed below are some of the larger details to help you get started in the decision making process.

  1. Dates: Tentatively the last two weeks of May 2015. Exact dates are subject to obtaining the best airline fares possible. The trip will be approximately two weeks long.
  2. Hosts: We will be staying with and hosted by Oregon missionaries, Pam and Paul Hunter, founders of Next Generation Ministries. They have been in Uganda for over 10 years and coordinate all of our transportation, food, and lodging needs as well as provide spiritual encouragement and guidance throughout the mission. Check them out on their website at www. nextgenministries.blogspot.com or find them on Facebook. There are a couple of Next Generation Ministries on Facebook so make sure you pick the one that talks about Uganda and has its home office in Colton, Oregon.
  3. Airfare: We had excellent service last trip with Delta/KLM airlines and have heard not-so-great stories with other airlines when traveling this same route, so we hope to stick with Delta/KLM with these travel arrangements as well. It is approximately 26-30 hours of travel time (depending on the flight route) from Spokane to Entebbe, Uganda. We arrive late in the night, clear customs, and then drive for about three hours to Jinja. Our hosts will pick us up at the airport and have the van for our transport to Jinja. I would expect to plan on approximately $1,500 per person for the roundtrip plane ticket. We hope that it might be less than that, but to be safe for budgeting purposes, plan on $1,500. Currently there are some tickets for less than that, but the routes are longer with extensive lay overs at airports. The trip is long enough so we will select the best possible itinerary for the best price. We will try to purchase the entire group’s tickets at once to ensure that our group can travel together.
  4. Room and Board: We will be hosted by Pam and Paul Hunter at their compound in Jinja. They have a fairly modern home (by Uganda standards), with running water, showers (usually cold, but since it’s always hot weather, they feel good!), and indoor toilets. They prepare a breakfast and dinner for our team, and lunch is sometimes available, but sometimes we rely on protein bars if we are out in a village. The cost for room and board is $50 per person per day. This covers EVERYTHING you NEED while in Uganda. Even if we eat at a restaurant one day, the cost of your meal is covered. They do not charge for the arrival day or the departure day. The only other money that you would “need” is for souvenirs to bring home or to assist someone while you are there if you so choose.
  5. Other Expenses:
    1. Passport – If you don’t have one already, now would be a good time to apply for one so you don’t get short on time and have to pay an expedited fee. Usually allow 6-8 weeks for them to process your application.
    2. Vaccines – It is highly advised to get the yellow fever and typhoid vaccines at least 2 weeks before you go. Again, sooner than later is better because these vaccines are not always immediately available at Panhandle Health and you may be put on a waiting list. Approximate cost of these two vaccines is $300. Our insurance covered it last year but check with your plan in advance to know if yours does. Additionally, it is recommended that you are up to date on our regular US vaccines such as tetanus, diphtheria, and Hep A. You can log on to cdc.gov and under Traveler’s Health, select Uganda, and it will give you their recommendations for vaccinations.
    3. Medicines: You should also get a prescription for an anti-malarial medicine before you go. You will need to take it while you are there and for a period after you return. The two most common prescriptions are doxycycline (an antibiotic) and Malarone. We prefer the Malarone because you only take it once a day and it doesn’t irritate your stomach like the doxycycline can if you have a sensitive stomach. Again, your insurance may cover these – ours did.
  6. Our Mission: This mission trip will be medically focused understanding that our ultimate responsibility is to be the hands and feet of Jesus and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ whenever an opportunity arises. Medical skills are not required as it takes many hands to organize and distribute medicines, help with crowd control, select clean clothes or shoes, or just pick up, hold and love children. They immediately love you, want you to touch them, and trust you completely. You will be overwhelmed by how much they just want to be loved. We do not have a specific agenda when we go, knowing that God already has one and we are open to wherever he leads us. Pam and Paul Hunter know the area and areas of specific needs. Additionally, our Rebecca is a native and also a great resource for direction and interpretation.

We are always available by phone (818-7055), email at bsnyders@msn.com or glad to meet you in person with any other questions you may have. Above all, be in prayer concerning God’s will for you to join us. You may think you don’t have much to offer, but you do! Also, there is a YouTube video of our trip last year if you search for Hands 4 Uganda, it should be the first video that pops up or click the link below!


God bless,

Brian and Maren Snyders