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Fellowship…A New Old Thing

We are changing how Fellowship is being supported. Last year it was requested that the Fellowship Team try a new approach – signup sheets – so people could pick a weekend that worked for them, and perhaps pair with someone they know. Sheets were set out but not very well supported. Then we created a large signup board in the Fellowship Hall thinking that better visibility would help people be reminded of the need. That, too, hasn’t been a smashing success.

Starting in January, we are going back to assigning people. Using the church roster, Pastor Gail and Fellowship Team members, reviewed our membership eliminating inactive members and those that it would be a burden on. Starting at the top of the list, we then made assignments. According to Pastor Gail, there has been difficulty with Sunday coffee making, and cleanup being left for staff or lay people on Monday, therefore the need to return to assignments. In some cases, it was necessary to skip around to balance the weekend or create natural pairings. If you have recently supported fellowship and happened to fall alphabetically at the top of the roster, we apologize. However, with this approach, people should not normally have a weekend assignment but twice a year!

You will see that we are only assigning four or five people to a Sunday. This may result in having to bring a little more the weekend you are assigned but again hopefully it will only be a couple times per year. Remember, Fellowship isn’t meant to be lunch, it is more a time to visit with our church friends!

A three-month look ahead should give people time to plan. If you are unable to support your assigned weekend, please first make arrangements to trade with another, and then secondly let Lynn know in the office. Phone numbers are included on the assignment list for your convenience.

Rick Straub, Fellowship Team