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The author of Crossways Bible Study, Harry Wendt, suggests that churches do not have a problem with Christian giving. The real problem is with Christian keeping! Since God owns everything there is, we don’t give to Him, and we really cannot give to anybody else either. It is not ours to give. We only use, or misuse, what belongs to God.

Christian stewardship, then, is rightly simply managing God’s stuff which includes, ourselves, our time, our possessions, and the whole creation. Stewardship involves much more that how much we put in the offering plate during our worship service on Sunday morning. It has to do with how we use life and all the resources God has provided for us. What’s at stake is much more than whether or not a church meets its annual budget. C.S. Lewis wrote: “There is no neutral ground in the universe. Every square inch is claimed by God, and counterclaimed by Satan.” What is really at stake, then, is a life and death struggle within history and creation.

You and I are involved in this struggle. At the time of our Fall Stewardship Campaign when we make a plan for our giving toward the ministry being done through our congregation, we tend to ask ourselves, “How much should I be giving to the Lord?” According to Wendt, that is the wrong question to be asking. We should be asking instead, “How much of what belongs to God do I need to keep and use for my own purposes?” St. Paul writes in 2 Corinthians 5:15, “He died for all, that those who live might no longer live for themselves, but for Him who for their sake died and was raised.” Are you living for Jesus Christ? Are you using what belongs to God for his glory in service to others?

If we’re going to be responsible in our Christian stewardship, we will not only participate prayerfully and conscientiously in our congregation’s Fall campaign, “Celebrate Generosity”, but we will also revise our personal thinking and attitudes to make changes in our behavior regarding life, creation, money, and all the rest of God’s precious possessions! Materials and information will be distributed on Sunday, November 2, and returned on Celebrate Generosity Sunday, November 9, at our morning worship. Peace Lutheran Church depends on you and all our members, just as you and all our members depend on God for the life we have. We are blessed to be a blessing!

Pastor Kurt Wandrey

Nov 27 – Thanksgiving Day Worship at 10 a.m. Give thanks!