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YAP & Upcoming Events!

Greetings all PEACE Youth!  With the summer winding down, we hope to launch another fun and spirit filled year for you at YAP and other gatherings. The next YAP Gathering will be on Sept 13, and the youth will be involved in helping with the Emmett Snyders Memorial BBQ and Auction fundraiser for children with cancer.  It is an evening full of fun, food, music, and many people supporting a great cause – we hope you can join us!

Thanks to our industrious Pumpkin Patch Weeders Darryl, Tanya & Bethany Frey, and Gail Gutterud. Stop over & help keep those pesky weeds at bay anytime!

September 14, is RALLY DAY! at 8:30 a.m. with plans for Beach Ball Foosball, pancakes with ice cream, and a picture scavenger hunt.  An event you won’t want to miss!

September 20, we (the youth) will be hosting an Italian/Spaghetti Dinner for the congregation and community as a fundraiser for our youth and service events. There will be lots of opportunity for preparation as well as serving the dinner that evening and of course, CLEAN UP!  We will need everyone’s help to provide a great meal for our congregation, friends, and family.

September 26 – The youth would like to invite all congregational members to join them at Regal Cinemas for the matinee showing of The Song, the next major motion picture to be released in the increasing popular genre of Christian movies. Movie time and cost will be forthcoming.

Our next big event will be Harvest Festival, Oct 25, from 3-5 p.m. (please see the info on page 7)

In Nov, the group will be focusing on a meaningful Christmas program.

In Dec, we’re preparing for Advent and Christmas by attending Deck the Halls at Lutherhaven, Dec 12-14!

YAP Leadership Team: Maren Snyders, Tanya Frey, Pam Kirking, Valerie Christiansen, and Gail Gutterud