Sept Fellowship List

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The Times…They Are a Changing

Fellowship Team is developing new way to seek and assign fellowship volunteers.  This month, sign-up sheets for Oct will be provided on the table in the Fellowship Hall for people to volunteer for a particular Sunday of their choosing.  A one to two month look ahead will also be provided.  The details are being “tweaked” and will be announced soon when the sheets will become available.  –Rick Straub


September 7 (Liberty Quartet here!)

Betty Nomanson                                              762-2266

Lee & Heidi Ely                                                  964-3400

Dot Herting                                                         772-4113

Joann Carlson                                                    262-9643


September 14 (Rally Day!)

Ken & Rita Birge                                                773-5673

Ray “Boomer” Danly                                       772-2775

Dawn Risley                                                        676-0179

Wayne & Zala Neustel                                   773-0083


September 21

Woody & Debbie Clouse                               773-2148

Darryl & Tanya Frey                                         777-7765

Hill & Maxine Pfundheller                            773-1097


September 28                                                                                                         

Bearl & Maggie Carlisle                                  762-5828

Paul & Lisa Seher                                              773-2689

Joyce Beghtel                                                    292-4498