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In Matthew’s resurrection account that we heard on Easter morning, first the angel told the women at the tomb to “Go and tell!” Then as they hurried on their way and they met the risen Christ, Jesus himself repeated the angel’s message, “Go and tell!” One of the important aspects of the new life the resurrection gives us is mission; go and tell!

On Sunday, May 4, at both worship services, the Snyders family will share their recent mission trip to Uganda, Africa through pictures and stories.  They followed the resurrection mandate to “Go and tell” all the way to the other side of the world.  They touched people’s lives with the gospel and the love of Christ.  They ministered to children in desperate need of healing and hope.  Come and listen to the experiences the Snyders family had on this mission trip; it will warm your heart, and the message of Jesus Christ will come through loud and clear!

On Easter morning, we all heard the angel’s words, as well as Jesus himself, “Go and tell!”  We don’t have to go to Africa in order to do this.  We all know people in our own family, neighborhood, and among our friends, with whom we can share the Good News.  If you have placed a name in the “Hearts of Stone” basket on the altar for whom we pray every Sunday, perhaps it’s time to take the next step and actually talk with that person about your hope that they can share the faith that keeps you going.

The angel at the tomb and the risen Jesus also told the women, “Don’t be afraid.”  Sometimes we’re so concerned about what we might say, that we never say it.  Maybe we worry about how our words will be received.  Listen to the angel and Jesus.  “Don’t be afraid.”  Be encouraged that Christ is with us always, and the Holy Spirit will guide us.  It is not our responsibility to change people’s hearts and minds; that is the work of the Holy Spirit.  We only need to tell them what we know without being afraid.

We are equipped to do that through our worship services, Bible studies, Sunday school, prayers, and fellowship. Having been saved by grace through faith, and given the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit, we can go and tell others what we know.  The new life we have through Christ’s resurrection fills us with enthusiasm and joy that cannot be contained; it must be shared!  Whenever we do, the mission is accomplished!  Don’t be afraid!  Go and tell!

Pastor Kurt Wandrey