March Fellowship List

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Fellowship List for March 2013


Mar 2

Brett & Pam Kirking                                     651-1269

Stephanie Lauritzen                                      777-7123

Rozanne Ryle                                                 762-1009

Paul & Lisa Seher                                           773-2689


Mar 9

Gail & Gordon Schoonmaker                     699-7116

Diann Wandrey                                              818-6790

Joyce Beghtel                                                 292-4498

Paul & Shelly Matthews                                661-4321


Mar 16

Spike Shine & Golda Schrader                      665-2150

Katherine Featherstone                                 619-0432

Darryl & Tanya Frey                                       777-7765


Mar 23

Kevin & Susan Schneidmiller                      765-2924

Maggie & Bearl Carlisle                                 762-5828

JoAnn Solberg & Rick Straub                      659-1634

Helen Darst                                                     762-1132


Mar 30

Hill & Maxine Pfundheller                         773-1097

Dot Herting                                                    772-4113

Dawn Risley                                                    676-0179

Ray “Boomer” Danly                                     772-2775 

Hospitality at Peace

Rick Straub (council liaison), JoAnn Solberg, Kit Carey, Joann Carlson, Charlotte Newman, and Golda Schrader are coordinators for fellowship events, and making hospitality schedules for 2014. If you would like to be included in the list, just let any one of us know. Please communicate in advance within your Sunday group to coordinate fellowship hospitality at 9:30 a.m. and noon (generally four people for each time). Thanks to those who have already been doing this in their groups to help make fellowship flow smoothly!!

Needs at Peace: Regular Coffee, Dishwasher Liquid, Toilet Paper, Small Bottles of Hand Sanitizer (refillable for the sanctuary)

Your gifts-in-kind are most appreciated!