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Last Sunday, Sept 15, members were delighted to park on fresh blacktop for the first time! On the Friday before, Lee Ely power washed the outside of the building of construction dust. Terra Landscaping has been moving topsoil throughout the week, and some it stubbornly clung to our building. You would think with all this prairie wind, it wouldn’t be an issue! On Saturday, Team Ely came over to trim up the shrubs along the front of the building, then seal the rock facing. It made the rocks “pop” with color, and will prevent any more weather damage for years to come.

Terra Landscaping began work Tuesday smoothing out dirt, moving loads of topsoil, and rake combing to remove rocks and debris from the planting beds. After two days of planting we saw a beautiful variety trees, shrubs, grasses, lilies, etc. Several loads of bark were delivered for perimeter use around the new plantings, and the crew spread the bark by hand raking. Instead of hydro-seeding the swales, it was determined that sod would serve us better. Two truckloads were delivered, and the crew got busy smoothing, leveling, and once again, removing rocks. The layment of sod began Friday, and Terra hopes to finish up today! Hydro-seeding the remaining areas will have to wait for a less windy day, and the crew is shooting for Monday.

In the meantime while the landscaping crew was moving throughout the lot, Chad Kaufmann began the arduous process of pulling wire out to the light poles from our mechanical room. A mile of wire! Light fixtures were attached to the poles, and laid in their respective areas for installation. On Thursday, with the help of the landscaping crew and friend Jeff, the first light pole went up and was bolted in place in the afternoon, followed by a second at close of day. Lake City Electric was back at it again Friday morning, and Lee Ely was here for the day to lend a hand. All the light poles were installed with the exception of one, which seems to have a small alignment problem which is being taken care of today. The lights will eventually be run on a timer, and we should see them operational next week!001 It’s coming together folks!003 017 005 006 013 018 002 019 020