Asphalt is Down!

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We have seen a flurry of work this week with Terra Landscaping, Lake City Electric, and Poe Asphalt Paving, Inc. On Monday, The landscapers began the week with smoothing and leveling areas to be hydro-seeded. They laid river rock against the sides and back of building with edging in a nice flowing pattern. They will return next week to begin planting trees and scrubs. Wayne & Zala Neustel slipped in to work on mounting our Fire Station box on one of the columns. On Tuesday, Poe Asphalt Paving began delivering multiple truckloads of coarse base rock. The entire parking lot was covered with a layer, then graded, watered, and compacted. By Wednesday the process began again with fine base rock. It was amazing to see all the large equipment working in tandem. The crews came early and stayed late both days in preparation for asphalt to be laid on Thursday, Sept 12. Chad Kaufmann from Lake City Electric, continued working on the wiring for our parking lot lights, and poles with the light fixtures are due to go up either Friday or Monday. Just think, we won’t have to use flashlights this winter to find the door lock or our cars – hallelujah!

When we arrived at the church Thursday morning, asphalt had already been laid near the front doors, and along the drive through under the portico from curb to curb. It was a beautiful sea of glistening black! After speaking with some of the workers, they informed us they would likely be finished by noon! We are fortunate that the asphalt is made close by at Stateline, and this work could be finished quickly today. The next step in the process is striping the lot, and park stops around the swales. If this work is NOT completed before Sunday, please park in the back just one more time when coming to church. It is important to keep the lot as clean as possible before striping is to occur. Thanks for your cooperation with this.

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