A Week of Progress

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I hope you have been keeping up with our construction news the last several weeks! If you need to catch up, just click on the previous links. Work is progressing well, and we are grateful for every milestone.

Terra Landscaping has been busy installing our irrigation system this week. Topsoil was delivered and piled in the swales, and the first shipment of light fixtures were received. We are appreciative toward the truck driver who off-loaded them and stacked the six cartons in the fellowship hall. A few storms slowed down the landscapers a bit, especially when lightening struck one of our utility poles by the road on Wed – it certainly startled the crew member that was working near the pole in the Bobcat, and the man riding his bicycle by the pole who took refuge under our portico. He made a quick call to his wife for rescue! Trenches have been dug, pipes have been laid, sprinklers have been tested, and swales smoothed out. The balance of the landscaping project will continue after asphalt is laid next week. Base rock is scheduled to be delivered by Tuesday, Sept 10, and asphalt to be laid on Thursday – we could be driving on pavement on Sunday, Sept 15! Once asphalt is in, our light poles and fixtures will be installed. We’re getting there!   

Please park around back as you have been doing the last several weeks. Because landscaping required the placement of water lines in the back, much of the area is pure dirt which will eventually be hydro-seeded. Please stay on the straw path leading up to the fellowship door to cut down on muddy footprints, and wear sturdy shoes this Sunday! 001 002 003 004 006 007 008