Concrete is Here!

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001 003 005 008 010 023 002 004Looks like we are rolling again this week with the Continental Construction crew. Last week the conduit was buried, and the excavator suffered a blown hydraulic hose, but was quickly mended. You can see Lee Ely and Chad Kaufman from Lake City Electric looking at the broken down machine. The sidewalk slabs were removed one at a time, and the guys got busy with the jackhammer under the portico, gently breaking points around the columns and rattling us out of our chairs with the cracking and crunching noise! It was amazing to watch the delicate work, and how the broken chunks of concrete were removed as if gently picked up by a pair of tongs. As I write, Fire Star Concrete is working, and forms are going in today for concrete curbing. At this moment the group is pouring and smoothing concrete! Exciting!!

Check out the one picture Рa little visitor perched in the doorway of the kitchen Wed. Perhaps he came in to pray or get away from all the noise and dust outside!

Blessings, Lynn Affeldt