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ID Servant1 Margaret is a recent widow who owns a home in Wallace. Because of her severe COPD and advanced age, Margaret has been unable to keep up her yard. We cleared out all the debris and weeded the entire front garden in 100-degree heat. Margaret gave a $50.00 donation to Idaho Servant Adventures. We talked, worked, and prayed with Margaret. She said she could not thank us enough! We told her the same.

Terry and Bea, an elderly couple, own a small home in Cataldo. Terry is a full time caregiver for Bea who has extreme dementia. In order for Terry to keep Bea at home, we built them a bedroom and bathroom on the main floor because the stairs were becoming unmanageable. We also replaced the old faucets with ones that shut off automatically, because Bea could not remember to turn off the water. They served us all strawberry shortcake on the last day. We talked, worked, and prayed with them. They said they could not thank us enough! We told them the same. There are so many more servant adventures to describe, but these two truly illustrate why this experience was beyond great.  It was life changing.

Thank you for providing the opportunity for our youth and adults to sweat, work hard, and use their God-given talents and gifts in the Spirit of Christian love. Our whole group had such a wonderful time.  The location, Bible study, new friends and food were amazing. Talk about a God thing! This was any eye opening experience that truly brought us all closer to God and it has impacted our lives forever.  Our mission team has taken the excitement, dedication and love for God and transferred it to our own lives as well. Our faith was stretched, tested and molded in ways we would never have imagined possible. There is no better place for sharing God’s love than in a place where God’s hand is so clearly at work.  Be sure to take a look at our picture boards!

Thank you again for this prospect to grow in our faith and serve others for a week. This program will surely grow and touch more lives as it has ours. We hope and pray that this adventure is a springboard for future opportunities to reach out to those facing challenges in their lives.

Blessings to you,

Pam Kirking, The Peace Chics (Caring Hands in Christ) and one Chico

Those who attended this great servant adventure: Pam, Maddie, & Mandy Kirking, Abigail & Eleanor Lewis, Ronie Newman, Kaitlyn Seher, Maren & Maddy Snyders, Gail Gutterud, and Jesse Griese.