The Word, Wisdom, and Wine Gathering

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       The Word, Wisdom, and Wine Gathering

On June 11th, Tuesday evening from 6:30-8:00 PM, we will “test drive” a new type of bible study at Peace Lutheran Church. It seems that life is becoming more and more of a struggle and many of you would like help seeking God’s wisdom to deal with it. Here are just a few of the comments that have been brought to my attention:

  1. There are things that I deal with on a daily basis that I’m trying to figure out how God would have me handle them.
  2. I’m having conversations with others about world events that make me think, “I know what I believe, I just don’t know how to back it up with God’s Word.”
  3. My children are being taught “theories” in school that are confusing to their faith and I wish I had some answers.

BYOB – Bring Your Own Bibles, come over on Tuesday evening, and put your feet up. Let’s sit down together with the Word and a glass of wine, and share our journey. Let’s see what wisdom the Holy Spirit will pour out on us as we walk alongside each other and seek God’s answers in His Word. We may discover that there is a specific direction that God would like this group to go. We may discover wisdom in each other that will surprise us. We may need to knuckle down and search out some hard truths.

If this gathering is a way that God will bring glory to himself and blessings to us, we will schedule another one…and another…God willing!

Come and pray together,

Gail Gutterud