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First, we want to thank everyone for their involvement with the Congregational Survey for Worship Services and offer some of the results from the surveys.  Copies of the entire surveys are available in the church office and on the table in the fellowship hall.

64 Surveys were returned.  Of those:

  • More than 75% like our current blended style service of contemporary and traditional music and liturgy.
  • Nearly 75% would attend at their same preferred time every week if we move to two services.
  • Nearly half said that we should add a second service, and nearly all of the rest of the comments said we should when it was necessary. The problem, of course, is knowing when that is.

Pastor cited some research in the December newsletter that whenever a worship service is 80% full, it’s time to consider starting another service. Our first issue is continuing to grow Peace Lutheran.  Visitors often arrive just before the service starts; if they have to walk all the way up to the front pew, or don’t see any open seating at all, they are not likely to come back. Which brings up an important segue. When we talked about the parking lot and accommodating those who may need handicapped or preferential parking, it was mentioned that we should leave the close spots open if possible.  I think a good idea to consider, if you are able, is to park in the back and sit in the front.  Thank you to those who already do!

There were two areas in the survey that we not as clear cut: We were split on the question that directly asked which Sunday schedule you prefer. Half said the schedule we have now and half said two services with Sunday School in between.

Back to the research. Researchers also tell us that people prefer having choices. With only one worship service, there is no choice. With two services at different times, people have a choice. Whenever another worship service is offered, total attendance for Sunday morning will increase.  More people will likely attend Sunday School classes as well, adults and children, if the Sunday School hour falls between the two services.

The other area from the survey is related to when we might make a change, if we do. Over the next month, council will be considering these options and plan on voting at our May meeting. If you didn’t get a chance to comment or would like to add something else, now is the time to talk to a Council member.

There will come a time, sooner or later, when we decide that a second service is needed. I challenge you to think of this not as dividing our congregation, but as an opportunity to grow.  And if you feel like you might not see some of your friends, feel free to alternate what service you attend.  Who knows?  Lutherans might decide they like change after all!

Thank you,

Stephanie Lauritzen, Council President