Every Sunday is A Celebration!

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Have you ever wondered why more people attend worship services on Easter Day than on any other day of the year? As a pastor, it may be more obvious to me than to you, but I’m sure you’ve noticed. Worship attendance actually increases 50-100% and sometimes more on Easter! Thanks be to God for all those who come! And yet, why is it so on that one Sunday, and not every other Sunday as well?

After all, every Sunday is a celebration of our Lord’s resurrection. Every Sunday God’s Word, the Good News of the Gospel, is preached. Every Sunday, the grace of God is poured out through the power of the Holy Spirit in Word and Sacrament. Every Sunday, in fact, every single day the risen and living Lord Jesus Christ is with us, alive and active in our daily lives. Do so many people see him as being alive only on that one day, Easter, and conveniently out of their way the rest of the year, unless they have a special need? I think somehow the Holy Spirit needs to convict us all and empower us to see and recognize our living Lord every single day of our lives.

As I write this, it is Holy Week, my favorite time of the year for many reasons. Lent draws to a close as we move through Maundy Thursday, with the up close and personal individual absolution, and the foretaste of the heavenly banquet to come, as we remember the night Jesus instituted the Lord’s Supper, and we share his Body and Blood. Then comes Good Friday, and we relive Christ’s suffering and death on the cross in one of the most moving worship experiences of the entire year. The Word, the music, the darkness, and the emotion are overwhelming!

Then comes the festival Easter celebration with its over-the-top worship attendance I mentioned earlier, and God’s even more incredible resurrection! Christ is risen! The tomb is empty! The music is inspirational! The people are joyful! God is at his best and it seems to rub off on everybody! Maybe that’s the reason so many people come for worship on Easter; it’s so easy to be God’s people! If we will just be convinced that God is always at his best, maybe every other Sunday, and every other day we will live like God’s people and celebrate the new life that God gives us!

Pastor Kurt Wandrey