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Grateful thanks to all who contributed and helped with the Rummage Sale. Our total was $2,900! We are now in a position to order the Exterior Cross for our church! Great effort everyone!! Now for the rest of the story…

For anyone who doesn’t know the circumstances behind our Rummage Sale let me fill you in. Pastor Spike Shine and his wife, Golda Schrader, asked me a question many months ago about whether we had ever done a rummage sale because they are building a new home in CDA, and would have many things to dispose of in this move. At the same time we were trying to raise $6000 (a rough estimate on the total cost) for a cross for the top of our church. OK…let’s combine these causes, include the congregation and see how much we can raise!! It’s always fun to have a goal and our goal was to raise however much we could on the $2,700 balance that was needed to reach the $6000.  A committee was formed (any activity in the church calls for a committee…right?), so Marge Freligh, Nadia Bruno, Anna Dailey, Cinda and I gathered and began planning.  We set the dates for the sale and scheduled the week ahead of that for you to bring items into the church.

WOW! What an overwhelming outpouring of “STUFF!”  I am laughing out loud when I think about how I looked at some of the items and wondered who on earth would ever buy that!!  I will never doubt you again…well maybe. You filled the fellowship hall to overflowing and we had to open up a Sunday School room…then another…and another…and figuring out how to put big stuff outside in the front. And then the amazing things began to happen. People poured into our church. They had seen the wonderful advertising that happened and the signs that were directing them…they smelled the cookies baking that were for sale.  It made them smile as they shopped. Some of them came back a couple times because they loved being there. The items were just flowing out the doors. You guys and gals were there helping to lift/load and assist.  There were volunteers working the sale that kept rearranging and cleaning up the way the tables looked.  It made the presentation so much nicer.  There were too many of you to list by name. You either brought, bought, served, set up or cleaned up.  And you were all amazing at your tasks.

Questions about who we were and how long we had been in the church were answered and invitations to come worship with us were extended. Our business cards were shared with hundreds. There were people who wanted to talk about their faith walk and struggles, so prayer and faith sharing was happening. Oh My Goodness…wouldn’t it be surprising to find out that in God’s plan it was never about raising money, but about the one person that needed a gentle word and touch from one of God’s servants?

End of the story: We raised $2,900! Every large item sold, and we hauled about ½ of a trailer load of unsold items to Anna’s house where she will have another sale at her house for us in a few weeks.  All the unsold clothes went to the CDA Homes Thrift Store in CDA. God bless all of you who helped to make this such a success in so many ways.

Gail Gutterud and Cinda Fueller, co-chairpersons