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As some of you may have noticed, there is a wooden cabinet on the wall at the entrance of the Fellowship Hall. This cabinet was made by Marv Geocke in the late ‘70’s for fund raising drives at Calvary Lutheran Church in Post Falls. Over the years, this was useful in collecting money for many different causes. Everything from camperships at Lutherhaven, dishes for the church kitchen, and helping families in need.

Our goal is to continue to utilize the Mile of Pennies in this the same way. Our first cause that we are saving for is the Exterior Cross on the roof of the church. The cross will identify us and encourage visitors that may not know we are here. In keeping in line with sign ordinances in the county, this will be an effective way to advertise our presence. Different goals that the Mile of Pennies support can also change month to month, and it has been a great tool in the past. You will be surprised at how fast pennies and loose change adds up! One mile of pennies = $843.00! Educating our young members and encouraging them to throw in a few pennies, is a good way to teach giving at an early age.

Please join me in giving to the Mile of Pennies cabinet. The cabinet can be used for many good causes (your ideas are welcome!), and can include small or large donations. Every little bit helps!

Karrie Croll (Marv Goecke’s granddaughter)