The Work of the Holy Spirit

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In the June issue of LCMC’s “Connection” magazine, our Service Coordinator, Mark Vander Tuig, writes that the Mekane Yesus Church in Ethiopia started 50 years ago with 20,000 members.  Today they number 5.5 million in 8,000 congregations.  The members attribute this growth totally to the work of the Holy Spirit!  He says of our LCMC, “I don’t know if the Lord’s plan for us is to experience what He is doing in the church in Ethiopia; but I know we have the same Spirit of God!”  This Holy Spirit is actively working in and among the members of Peace Lutheran in a variety of ways.  We’re not yet seeing the growth in numbers at the rate of the Ethiopian church.  But with the other exciting and fruitful ways the Spirit is working, can this kind of growth be far behind?  Keep praying, and watch what the Holy Spirit does!  Pastor Wandrey